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    Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply and for starting this forum.

    I’m Swedish (Type 2 assessed skin) but I currently live in Singapore, and the lab report came from the Singapore National Skin Centre – presumably they are very good at this.

    I’ll talk to my dermatologist about photography next week when I go in to discuss the WLE report. It’s a dermatology clinic, so no university practice unfortunately. But photography definitely sounds like I will get some peace of mind.

    I understand that it’s quite rare to have two melanomas on different parts of the body, is that correct? And while I doubt it’s “0 mitosis per mm2” but rather “<1 mitosis per mm2", I gather that it is also a good sign?

    My biggest fear is that despite my vigilance and the blood test the melanoma has spread somewhere, and I just haven’t found it yet. I know there are no such things as medical guarantees, but I’ve convinced myself I’m as healthy as can be – I just have to stay vigilant.

    My dermatologist will do quarterly checks, but I’m considering going to a different dermatologist as well every six months for a second opinion. While I don’t fault him for not assessing the removed mole as a dangerous amelonatic melanoma, it’s more for the peace of mind and a second opinion.

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