When you lose someone

This forum was created for those with an incredibly hard task: taking care of someone they love who is ill.
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Catherine Poole
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When you lose someone

Post by Catherine Poole » Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:16 am

I can say now that is has been four months since I lost Stuart that the days are getting brighter. I don't look back at our tenuous times as much as possible. I've faced the pain of this finality and that is so important to move on. I feel like a new journey is starting for me and I hope to create better ways and more effective ways to empower patients to know what to ask and get the best treatment. Thanks for your support as always. Our event, our 15th year is always an incredible thing. To see all of those patients/caregivers/families together! Life is indeed short and there is so much to get done!
Catherine M. Poole, President/Founder
Melanoma International Foundation

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